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Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Lexington are all BID locations for The ONE Finals.

How to Qualify & Win your Bid!

Step 1:  Attend one of the Qualifying Bid Events.  All Hit Zone Events in 23-24 are qualifiers.
Step 2:  Place TOP FIVE (5) in your Division at a Qualifying Bid Event.
Step 3:  Accept your Bid online.
Step 4:  Register to compete at one of our Location Finals.
Step 5:  Place FIRST and move onto our VIRTUAL Finals. Location Finals Champions receive rings. 
Step 6:  Place FIRST at our VIRTUAL FINALS. Virtual Champions receive Jackets & the THE ONE Title!


You've trained hard to put the BEST routine on the floor and we want to reward the hours of work and athleticism it takes to be an All-Star Cheerleader or Dancer.  

We will award an OVERALL Grand Champion of the event out of all team divisions who will win Hit Zone Bling. 

Our medals are top of the line.

Judges are going to give out specialty awards so you can take home more banners to show off those top routines accomplishments.

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