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Dayton, OH

This is a two day event!

4 At Large Bids to The Allstar World Championship will be given at this event.

February 1 & 2, 2025


Dayton Convention Center-

22 E 5th St.

Dayton, OH

Full Production Event: Amazing Awards: Grand Champion Cup


Elite Teams

With Hit Zone your teams will get full production, accurate and fair judging and feedback, and top notch awards.  We aim for the highest standards, and want the coaches to be happy, athletes to have fun and fair competition, and families to get the best bang for their buck.

Prep, Novice, Exhibition, and School

Teams will compete once per event. 


Ready To Register!

We are thrilled to have you! Visit us at Login Page (

*Owners and Coaches Text 502-265-6617 or email for pricing*

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